About us

pneumetrix helps factories improve energy efficiency and reliability through compressed air management.

Compressed air is an essential, yet costly input for most industrial processes. Therefore, reducing its energy use while ensuring reliable air quality is a key step towards sustainable manufacturing.

We provide you with a holistic process to identify, implement and track savings and reliability improvements. As independent efficiency experts, our sole focus is to help you save energy and not to sell equipment.

Our process

System Audit

Comprehensive and results-oriented analysis of your CA system

  • Site visit and comprehensive inspection of your compressed air needs and equipment.
  • Setup of sensors, data acquisition system and cloud platform.
  • Detailed report on system performance and cost with savings opportunities.

Leak Management

Identification, quantification and repair of compressed air leaks

  • Identification of leaks throughout your plant with high-end measuring equipment.
  • Quantification of financial loss and required repairs per leak.
  • Preparation or full-service repair of leaks with a positive ROI.

Continous Monitoring

Continous monitoring of your CA system for reliability and efficiency

  • Maintenance of measuring equipment and continous data collection.
  • Live notifications in case of operation abnormalities.
  • Detailed consumption data for use in controlling, energy reporting etc.

Consulting and training

In-house compressed air efficiency training for employees

  • Training of plant personnel in efficient use of air.
  • Purchasing advice and consulting services on your air system.
  • Consulting services for your compressed air system.
Frequently Asked Questions

Contrary to common belief, optimizing a CA installation for energy efficiency will also have a positive impact on its performance and reliability. Problems such as excessive pressure drop at individual machines are often rooted in undersized piping or insufficient receiver volume rather than compressor performance. Identifying and fixing these issues often helps our customers not only to get a more stable air supply out of their existing compressors but even to downsize compressors and associated cost.

We believe that any sustainable change process involves close monitoring of the progress made and should be carried out continuously. Every change to your production processes brings new challenges and therefore saving opportunities to your CA system. This is why we highly recommend monitoring you CA system permanently with our solution. Nonetheless, we can still offer you one-time system and/or leak audits if you wish.

In most cases, installation of our sensors can be carried out without interrupting your production. During our first visit to your plant, our specialists will assess your setup and propose the least disruptive method of installation. Should we need to access air tubing in a depressurized state or electrical cabinets powered off, we are flexible to coordinate our work with planned maintenance work.

Some of the most effective improvements to a typical CA system require no or very little investment. Measures such as (partially) shutting down the installation according to production schedule to avoid standby leakage can often be implemented easily and lead to significant savings. And even steps such as renewing compressors often pays off within months when considering energy cost which usually represents up to 80% of total cost of ownership.

We safely send and store your data in a private cloud platform specifically set up for each of our customers. Whenever we see your benefit in sharing information on your system, for instance when requesting quotations for equipment, we will do so only upon your explicit agreement and with full transparency.